Meet the Musicians

First Violin

Learn more about Kevin Lin
Kevin Lin
Learn more about Philip Palermo
Philip Palermo
Associate Concertmaster
Learn more about Peter Vickery
Peter Vickery
Assistant Concertmaster, The Meditch Chair
Learn more about Michelle Kang
Michelle Kang
Assistant Concertmaster, The Wilcox Chair
Anna Czerniak**
Dianna Joiner**
Maria Semes**

Second Violin

Learn more about Mary Anne Dell’Aquila
Mary Anne Dell’Aquila
Acting Principal, The Taurel Chair & The Dick Dennis Fifth Chair*
Learn more about Sherry Hong
Sherry Hong
Acting Associate Principal
Learn more about Jennifer Farquhar
Jennifer Farquhar
Acting Assistant Principal, The Taurel Chair & The Dick Dennis Fifth Chair*
Joseph Ohkubo**
Byul (Bella) Seo
Linda Yu-Picard**


Learn more about Yu Jin
Yu Jin
Principal, The Schlegel Chair
Learn more about Amy Kniffen
Amy Kniffen
Acting Associate Principal
Learn more about Zachary Collins
Zachary Collins
Acting Assistant Principal
Susan Chan**
Yu-Fang Chen**
Emilee Drumm**


Learn more about Austin Huntington
Austin Huntington
Learn more about Perry Scott
Perry Scott
Associate Principal, Chair Anonymously Endowed
Learn more about Jung-Hsuan (Rachel) Ko
Jung-Hsuan (Rachel) Ko
Assistant Principal
Andre Gaskins**
Noémie Golubovic**
Stephen Hawkey


Learn more about Karen Evans Moratz
Karen Evans Moratz
Principal, The Sidney and Kathy Taurel Chair
Allistair Howlett**
2nd Flute
Learn more about Rebecca Price Arrensen
Rebecca Price Arrensen
Assistant Principal


Learn more about Rebecca Price Arrensen
Rebecca Price Arrensen
The Janet F. and Dr. Richard E. Barb Chair


Learn more about Jennifer Christen
Jennifer Christen
Principal, The Frank C. Springer Jr. Chair
Learn more about Roger Roe
Roger Roe
Assistant Principal

English Horn

Learn more about Roger Roe
Roger Roe
The Ann Hampton Hunt Chair


Learn more about Samuel Rothstein
Samuel Rothstein
Acting Principal
Learn more about Cathryn Gross
Cathryn Gross
The Huffington Chair
Campbell MacDonald**

Bass Clarinet

Campbell MacDonald**


Learn more about Ivy Ringel
Ivy Ringel
Learn more about Mark Ortwein
Mark Ortwein
Assistant Principal



Learn more about Robert Danforth
Robert Danforth
Principal, The Robert L. Mann and Family Chair
Learn more about Richard Graef
Richard Graef
Assistant Principal
Learn more about Alison Dresser
Alison Dresser
The Bakken Family Chair


Learn more about Conrad Jones
Conrad Jones
Principal, The W. Brooks and Wanda Y. Fortune Chair
Daniel Lewis**
Allen Miller**
Assistant Principal


Ryan Miller**
Acting Assistant Principal
Learn more about K. Blake Schlabach +
K. Blake Schlabach +
2nd/Assistant Principal

Bass Trombone

Learn more about Riley Giampaolo
Riley Giampaolo
The Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Test Chair


Learn more about Anthony Kniffen
Anthony Kniffen


Learn more about Jack Brennan
Jack Brennan
Principal, The Thomas N. Akins Chair
Learn more about Craig Hetrick
Craig Hetrick
Assistant Principal


Learn more about Diane Evans
Diane Evans
Principal, The Walter Myers Jr. Chair


Women's Committee Chair endowed in honor of Dorothy Munger


Learn more about James Norman
James Norman
Principal Librarian
Learn more about Laura Cones
Laura Cones
Assistant Principal Librarian
Susan Grymonpré
Bowing Assistant
Bill Shotton
Bowing Assistant


Kit Williams
Stage Manager
P. Alan Alford
Steven A. Martin
Patrick Feeney
  • * The Fifth Chair in the Second Violin Section is seated using revolving seating. String sections use revolving seating.
  • ** One-year position
  • + Leave of Absence
  • # Temporary Position