Register to Be a Part of the MYO

How to Apply

Submit an application in the spring of 2023
When open spots in our roster are determined, we will be in touch to schedule a Family Interview. Interviews take place in May.
Attend a Family Interview (required)
You will be notified in May 2023 of your status (accepted or on a waitlist)

New applicants: Applications are posted each year in March with a due date of April 30th.

Returning MYO Members: Renewal forms are posted each year in March with a due date of April 30.

New to MYO? Read this!


Admission Priorities

MYO has a long-standing tradition of commitment to low-income families that are otherwise unable to access programs like this. First priority will be to returning members and siblings of returning members. New applicants through our orchestra partner sites and low income families from the greater Indianapolis area will receive top priority as well. All other applicants will be admitted as space is available.

Expectation of Commitment

As an active participant, you will prepare for your lessons and orchestra rehearsals at home.  Parents: Feel free to join the orchestra on an instrument as well!  If not working on an instrument with your child, we ask that you be engaged in their lessons by being present and attentive so that you can provide guidance at home and know what the instructor expects of your child.

You will attend both your lesson and orchestra every week.  Of course, we know that people get sick or have other emergencies, but we believe that commitment is at the heart of what we do.  It works because people are present and engaged in what they’re doing.  If you miss a rehearsal or your lesson it affects your own progress, but also that of the orchestra. Click here to learn more about the individual orchestras.

Tuition and Fees

  • MYO tuition will be $250* for the season.
  • Missed lessons without notice are $10 per lesson.
  • There is no charge for instruments loaned to parents.

Financial aid and payment plans for tuition are available to those who qualify.
Contact for more information.

Scholarship Application

*The actual cost of the program is approximately $2,000 per student.


MYO has a limited supply of instruments that are intended for those families that are unable to purchase or rent on their own. Students may reserve an MYO instrument at no additional charge if the family qualifies for a need-based scholarship. There is no charge for adults reserving an instrument.

There are a number of great rental shops around Indianapolis. Please check these out for your rental needs:

Audition Information

Auditions will take place at the Family Interview for newly accepted students who already play an instrument. Students who play at any level are expected to audition so that we can do proper orchestra placement. The audition is NOT to determine if we are able to accept a student, but to ensure we place each student in the proper orchestra.

In general, auditionees should prepare a minimum of one scale (two-three preferred for high school students) along with a piece that shows your capabilities. It does not need to be an entire piece, but enough to see your musicality, technique, and knowledge of notes and rhythms. Younger applicants who are not working on scales yet should just bring a piece from school or from a lesson book – anything the student is familiar with.

Family Interview Information: FAQ

What is a Family Interview?

A small group of applicant families will sit down with faculty and staff of MYO to learn more about one another.  This helps us to more fully articulate the goals of the program, discuss the commitment required, and answer your questions!

Is the Family Interview required?

Yes, the Family Interview is a required part of the application process for all new MYO families.  New families are those that did not participate in MYO during the previous season.

Do we need to bring an instrument?

Not yet!  Those who have already played an instrument will need to do an audition (for placement only) later in August and we will be in touch about that.

Who should attend? We have young children in the family.

We want to meet the whole family, if possible!  We are a youth and family development program and want to start out by meeting everyone!

Do we need to dress up? 

Not for this – just come as you are!

Where will the meetings be held?

The Family Interview sessions will be held at Broadway United Methodist Church (609 E 29th Street).