Teddy Bear Series

A program for ages 3 - 7

The Big Note

The Big Note follows the adventures of a young boy as he searches through a symphony orchestra to find the source of a very big note that he hears. Along with the on-demand video performance below, you can enhance your little one’s musical journey with an activity guide, musician Q&As, and more!

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Check out our activity guide to dive deeper into The Big Note.

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Learn more about the musicians who perform The Big Note.

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Zoom Q&A's

You can schedule a Q&A with musicians over Zoom for a small fee.

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Ready for More?

More video performances of the Teddy Bear Series stories are being developed each month. Each video will be accompanied by an activity guide and the opportunity to schedule Zoom Q&A sessions with the musicians.

Our Stories and Tentative Release Dates:

  • The Runaway Strings (February 2021) tells the story of a string quartet’s adventures to find their way home.
  • The Giant’s Violin (April 2021) tells the tale of a young boy who discovers a giant violin in his attic!
  • The Garden Symphony (TBA) follows a ladybug’s search through the garden for her own special song.
  • Monkey’s Jungle Jam (TBA) is the adventure-filled tale of a spider monkey’s search through the rainforest for musical friends.

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