Meet Your MYO Faculty

See the people that make it happen day in and day out, and let us know if you're interested in joining our faculty

Founder and Artistic Director Emeritus

Betty Perry (1995-2015)

Remembering Betty Perry

Current Faculty

Krystle Ford, Director (2015-present)

Abby Witt, Cello

Aren Bucci, Violin and Viola

Chrestien Bottoms, Violin

Dean Franke, Violin

Eric Lakanen, Cello

Genevieve Miedema, Cello

Greg Dugan*, Bass

Jennifer Farquhar*, Violin

Jeremy Anderson, Cello

Jose Martinez, Cello

Kati Harrison, Viola and Violin

Lisa Kim, Violin

Loida Garza, Violin and Viola

Nicole Felker, Viola and Violin

Priscille Michel, Viola

Sam Kpedi, Bass

Sarah Binford, Cello

Shannon Crow, Violin and Viola

Susan Chan, Viola

*Current musicians of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Interested in Joining the MYO Faculty?

The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra is always looking to add dynamic teachers to the faculty. Candidates who apply and meet the basic qualifications will be contacted for a phone interview, followed by an in-person interview. Candidates in final consideration will be brought in to teach a lesson or conduct an ensemble.

For more information on open positions and qualifications, check out our personas below! To apply, send your resume and cover letter to

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