Orchestra Move-Up Process

Students in Debut EnsembleDolce Primo, and Dolce Secundo will be moved to a higher level orchestra based on the combined recommendation of their private/group lesson instructor and ensemble instructors. This will happen automatically as part of our faculty end of year review.

Students in Orchestras C and B will be given the opportunity to move up to a higher level orchestra based on the combined recommendation of their private lesson instructor and ensemble instructors, as well as successful completion of a mock interview.

Notification of orchestra assignment  for the upcoming year will take place in June.

Mock Interviews

In early spring, students who are invited to move up to Orchestra B or A will receive a mailing with everything needed to prepare and go through the Mock Interview process.

Mock Interviews will take place during the week following the spring concert – Tuesday and Thursday evening, 6:30 – 8:30 pm. The interview will take no more than 30 minutes and students may sign up for a time in the weeks prior to the interviews.

Students should come prepared with a resume and dressed for the occasion. We will provide information about how to prepare a resume, along with a set of sample questions to prepare for and some suggestions for questions to ask our interviewers. Interviewers will be MYO faculty, MYO or ISO staff, or members of the ISO’s young professional group, FORTE. The Mock Interviews are provided as a part of our College Readiness program.