The Music of Runaway Strings


1.“…and a cello jumped out.

2. “...and two violins.


3. “...the strings launched into space.

Movement: ROCKET JUMP. Bring hands together with fingertips pointing up, then bend knees slowly and lower down, then jump.

4. “…they plopped into the ocean.


5. “and together they paddled.

Movement: PADDLE AND MAKE WAVES. Paddle hands in a swimming motion, then make waves by alternating arms up and down to match the music.

6. “…built just for four.

Movement: BICYCLE WHEEL. Make fists, then rotate them around each other in front of the body.

7. “…as winds brought a chill.


7.5. “…with an icy cold WHOOSH!

Movement: SLED RIDE. Raise arms up in the air and lean back and forth, then front and back in random motion.

8. “…put an end to the ride.


9. “…the train like a master.”

Movement: TRAIN WHEELS. With bent elbows, make fists and rotate them in big circles on each side of the body.

10. “…Now the wheels wouldn’t move!”


11. “…said Violin Two.”

Movement: BLOWING UP THE BALLOON. Inhale during the music and exhale during the silence.

12. “…and collapsed to the ground.”


13. “…and they blamed one another.”


14. “…of a horn filled the air.”

15. “…moment it starts.”


16. “…through music they played.”


17. Full Performance!