The Runaway Strings

We are excited to introduce the newest book in the Teddy Bear Series, The Runaway Strings!

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The Runaway Strings is an adventure-filled tale of a quartet of string instruments who run away to search for adventures to bring home to their audience by making themselves into different forms of transportation. Young children are invited to move along to music, listen to a story, and watch five musicians from the ISO perform. The Runaway Strings introduces the violin, viola, cello, and french horn! The story highlights the concept of music’s power to transport all of us. The works of Grieg, Mozart, Wagner, and Strauss are performed in addition to the traditional Bicycle Built for Two.

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Meet the Artists Behind The Runaway Strings!

Peter Vickery– Violin 1
Victoria Kintner– Violin 2
Amy Kniffen– Viola
Julie Beckel– Horn