The Music of Garden Symphony

Garden Symphony book

Purple note icon1.“The Garden Symphony”

Teal Note Icon2. “…icy wind blow.”

Movement: When the music blows in like an icy-cold storm, can you hold yourself tight as you try to stay warm?

Red Note Icon3. “…long winter’s sleep.”

Movement: Can you be a garden bug, snug and asleep, then slowly wake up from your long winter’s sleep?

Orange Note Icon4. “…tulips grow high.”

Movement: Form tulips with hands when the oboe starts playing. Then, reach for the sky as you gently start swaying.

Rust color Note Icon5. “SHRIEKS!”

Yellow Note Icon6. “…buzzy-biz-biz.”

Movement: As the clarinet plays, let’s get ready to try to buzz our wings quickly, pretending to fly.

Brown Note Icon7. “…quite a scare.”

Violet Note Icon8. “…zippy-zin-zin.”

Movement: Spin fists round and round; Slowly make your web wider. Turn circles to music that spins like a spider.

Black Note Icon9. “…scritchity-SCRATCH!”

Lime color Note Icon10. “…blinkity-blink.”

Movement: Can you flash your fingers to Firefly’s song? When the cello plays music, we’ll all flash along.

Forest Green Note Icon11. “…upside down.”

Gray Note Icon12. “…army of ants.”

Movement: March quickly in place. Let’s get ready to go. You’ll get wet from the rain if you’re marching too slow!

Green Note Icon13. “…a glorious sound.”

Pink Note Icon14. “…her own song.”

Deep Blue Note Icon15. “…lit up the night.”

Seafoam Green Note Icon16. “The End.”

Rainbow Note IconListen to the full book!


Read-a-long with a video version of The Garden Symphony book.