Garden Symphony Music




1.“The Garden Symphony”

2. “…icy wind blow.”

Movement: When the music blows in like an icy-cold storm, can you hold yourself tight as you try to stay warm?


3. “…long winter’s sleep."

Movement: Can you be a garden bug, snug and asleep, then slowly wake up from your long winter's sleep?


4. “…tulips grow high.”

Movement: Form tulips with hands when the oboe starts playing. Then, reach for the sky as you gently start swaying. 




6. “…buzzy-biz-biz.”

Movement: As the clarinet plays, let's get ready to try to buzz our wings quickly, pretending to fly. 


7. “...quite a scare.”


8. “…zippy-zin-zin.”

Movement: Spin fists found and round; Slowly make your web wider. Turn circles to music that spins like a spider. 


9. “…scritchity-SCRATCH!”


10. “…blinkity-blink.”

Movement: Can you flash your fingers to Firefly's song? When the cello plays music, we'll all flash along. 


11. “…upside down.”


12. “…army of ants.”

Movement: March quickly in place. Let's get ready to go. You'll get wet from the rain if you're marching too slow!


13. “…a glorious sound.”


14. “…her own song.”


15. “…lit up the night.”


16. “The End.”


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Are your little ones interested in learning more about some of the instruments they've heard in The Garden Symphony? Check out our Musical Families of the Orchestra video for an up-close look!


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