Meet Dave & Sharon Reed

Dave and Sharon Reed are originally from south-central Illinois and lived in the Chicago suburbs for twelve years before moving to Indianapolis 36 years ago. Dave worked with AT&T Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies in Research and Development for 30 years. Sharon worked for the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township as an elementary secretary. They are both retired and have been dedicated volunteers with the ISO for the past six years.

What motivated you to get involved as a volunteer for the ISO?

We have been attending concerts at Symphony on the Prairie for 35 years. Five years ago we decided to volunteer for the first time. We both enjoyed the experience and the following year we started ushering here at Hilbert Circle Theater. It is a perfect opportunity to support the arts in Indianapolis, plus the concerts are great!

Did you ever play an instrument?

Neither of us can even read music, but we always feel that there needs to be an audience to appreciate the talent of the musicians. We truly enjoy being a member of the audience!

What has been your favorite experience with the ISO so far?

Both of us enjoyed the evening that Kenny G performed. We were asked to try to keep
those attending from taking pictures while Kenny G signed autographs. He was very kind throughout the evening and spent time with Sharon as the concert was on her birthday. The concert was also one of the best we have attended!

Why is volunteering for the ISO important to you?

Because the ISO is a nonprofit, we support it by volunteering to ensure the ISO can continue to be the outstanding orchestra it is. It is especially important that our grandchildren will have the opportunity to appreciate the ISO in the future.

What would you tell someone that is considering volunteering with the ISO?

Volunteering allows you to, of course, hear great music! But, you will also meet the awesome staff, the dedicated volunteers, and the patrons. The hours and dates are flexible so you can select to work the concerts that you would most enjoy! It’s great! Try it for yourself!