Donor Advised Fund

The ISO accepts DAF contributions; however, donating through a DAF may limit the donor benefits you can receive. Because a maximum tax deduction is received when funds are contributed through a DAF, a donor cannot legally receive any benefits with a fair market value gift. The ISO will provide relevant benefits in your appropriate giving circle that have insubstantial or no fair market value. For more information about giving through a DAF, please contact Rose Branson, Director of Annual Giving and Donor Communications   


When a DAF is established, the donor may recommend but not legally direct future charitable grants. The donor has given up legal ownership of the fund and is prohibited from pledging their DAF to the charity they want to support. In addition, donors may not fulfill existing pledges through their DAF. The ISO recommends that donors notify us of their intent to recommend a grant as it assists us with future planning. 

Donor Benefits

Donating through a DAF limits the donor benefits you may receive. Because a full tax deduction is received when establishing the DAF, donors may only receive benefits that do not carry a fair market value. The ISO’s development team can share which donor benefits you may receive when you donate through a DAF.  

Special Event Tickets and Donations

Donors wishing to support the ISO through special events such as the Opening Night Gala should be aware of the following:  

Event tickets and tables, as they have substantial fair market value, may not be purchased through a DAF. An exception is when the donor will not attend the event and donates the entire table or seat back to the ISO.  


For questions or additional information, please contact Rose Branson, Director of Annual Giving and Donor Communications