Adjudications and Recitals

Why Do We Have Adjudications?

Everything we do at MYO is done with a purpose (concerts, recitals, the music that’s selected, the games we play) and adjudications are no exception. Adjudications give the individual student a chance to dialog with a teacher one-on-one about his or her strengths and weaknesses in their performance. It’s important that all of our students also learn how to assess themselves, so the teachers will be asking questions about what went well and what didn’t.

Adjudications give us a chance to watch each student’s progress closely and make sure that he or she is on track. We often learn something new that helps us to work more effectively with each student.

How Do Adjudications Work?

At some point in the season, each student will be recorded on video performing a solo piece – likely at a recital performance. The videos are compiled and on designated days students meet with an MYO teacher to review the video. The review takes about 10 minutes. Lesson teachers have access to the videos to review with their students at lessons as well.

Orchestra A, B, & C students will be required to play a scale, part of their piece, and sight read as a part of their adjudication which takes place in the Spring.

What is a Recital?

Recitals are solo performances given by MYO students. Recitals give students the opportunity to present themselves to an audience. Our youngest students perform in their lesson groups (about 3 – 5 students). MYO students learn to express confidence and are engaged in a process of preparation that will become ever more valuable as the students grow in their abilities – through school, work, and community.

All MYO students are expected to perform in an MYO solo recital every year.