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And I Love Her: The Beatles Reimagined

Hilbert Circle Theatre

Indianapolis, Indiana
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The Performance

A musical tribute to the Beatles, the women that influenced them, and the kaleidoscopic female characters they created—from “Michelle” and “Eleanor Rigby” to “Blackbird” and “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.” Each song is witnessed through Steve Hackman’s unique and imaginative musical lens, elevating the masterful craftsmanship and explosive creativity of the original. The production is a virtuosic showpiece for the entire symphony orchestra, with many songs given extended preludes and postludes, as well as tone-poem-like developmental sections. The eight soloists who travel with the production—four vocalists, drummer, bassist, pianist, and electric guitarist—bring a staggering level of musicianship and talent, and together represent a vivid and wide-ranging blend of styles and techniques.

Simply put, the production is a tour de force and the ultimate realization of Hackman’s ingenuity and the gifts of his manifold collaborators and soloists.

Artistic Leadership

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Steve Hackman
Uncharted Series - Creative Director


TaRon Lockett
Braylon Lacy
Horace Bray
Ahmed Alom
India Carney
Zoe D'Andrea
Khalil Overton
Rachel Gonzalez

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