Giving Tuesday with the ISO

Gifts of all sizes make a difference.

Here are some ways your gift may support the ISO this Giving Tuesday: 

  • $22 can provide one Teddy Bear book in one preschool 
  • $50 covers tap shoes for The Tap Dancing Santas in this year’s AES Yuletide Celebration 
  • $160 will bring a class of 20 students to attend a Discovery concert 
  • $300 for new aerial silks that will be used in this year’s Yuletide show 
  • $600 can cover a string quartet to visit a school and conduct sectionals, short performances, and a Q&A 
  • $1,800 supplies the set and decorations for the Grinch storybook reading before each Yuletide show 
  • $2,500 covers tuition for one MYO student per year 
  • $10,000 to provide holiday cheer in the alley, including lighting and décor, for Yuletide and the holidays

See your gift in action!




Double your impact by making a gift before noon!

All gifts up to $10,000 will be matched by the kind support of James and Pat LaCrosse.

Questions? Please contact the Development Team at 

Make a gift today!