League of Leaders

A group of MYO students came together for the first time in the summer of 2017 to establish their voice and the kind of impact they could have on the MYO program.

After a couple of days of intense retreat time that focused the group’s energy first on establishing their core values and identifying challenges that MYO students face, the group then voted on leadership positions, discussed goals to tackle,  created committees, and created their group name: League of Leaders (LoL).

League of leaders at a table of post it notes
LoL’s Core Values:

  • Leadership through being an active community member
  • Supportive of every student in the MYO community
  • Commitment to excellence as a musician
  • Exhibit and share a love of music and MYO
  • Embrace differences and what makes each student unique

LoL’s Committees:

  • Executive
  • Music & Education
  • Social & Outreach
  • Communications
  • Peer Relations

The League of Leaders has established cellphone use policies for their peers to encourage mingling, led game nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays during dinner (before rehearsals), sponsored a workshop for parents and peers on educational neuroscience, hosted pre-concert activities in the lobby, and more.

LoL meets monthly with additional opportunities for training and events.

LoL members entering grades 9 – 12 in the fall attend Music for All’s Summer Symposium, including Leadership Weekend and the Orchestra Track, as part of their leadership development.

Group of league of Leaders


Interested in joining? Applications for current MYO members from Orchestras A, B, & C are available in the spring.