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  • One (1) 36” stool
  • Two (2) wardrobe people for five (5) hours to prep costumes and two (2) people for each concert (run crew). At least one wardrobe person on each call must be a stitcher with supplies. Concert call is 90 minutes before down beat.
  • Two guitar stands – one for an electric guitar and one for an acoustic guitar. Note that these stands are for onstage use; other arrangements will need to me made for storing the guitars offstage.
  • Please see stage layout for orchestra set up details.
  • Five (5) mic stands for wireless handhelds (note: these will be used onstage; different arrangements will need to be made for offstage storage.)
  • One (1) mic stand for wireless handheld (with an adjustable arm). Note that this stand is also for onstage use.
  • Roundtrip shipment (FedEx 3 day or UPS 3 day) of music, costumes, and prop boxes.  SPC staff will supply shipping information and values of contents.  The cost of the shipment, and insurance for these packages, is the responsibility of the local orchestra.  FedEx 3 day Express or UPS Air 3 Day is acceptable.  Ground Shipping is not acceptable due to insurance limitations.

Stage Layout

  • See the schematic for details – especially concerning orchestra set up.
  • 9’ – 11’ of down stage space is needed for the Vocalists.  No special floor treatments (marley, etc.) are needed. 
  • We will need four (4) mic stands and four (4) music stands in a position within the orchestra that is easily accessible from backstage AND not near percussion. Four of the vocalists sing the Chicago Medley from this position within the orchestra. They do not need to be seen by audience. Typically, this position is SR of the violins, as reflected on the stage layout.

Cast Needs

  • Five dressing rooms plus 1 for the conductor are requested.  Dressing rooms will be discussed (knowing that some halls do not have large facilities) with tech personnel.  Final dressing room assignments will be determined on-site.
  • Two quick change booths may be needed – one stage right and one stage left.  They will each need a clothes rack, mirror, music stand for jewelry, and running lights. 
  • An iron, ironing board, and steamer are needed at all venues.  Two wardrobe people are needed to prep the show (iron & steaming) for a 5 hour call.  The concert requires 2 wardrobe staff as “run crew” and the call is 1 1/2 hours prior to curtain. At least one wardrobe person on each call must be a stitcher with supplies.
  • A minimum of ten 1 liter bottles of water are needed for each rehearsal and performance.  Towels are always appreciated.
  • Ten (10) mic stands for wireless handhelds*
  • Singers will enter from both sides of the stage
  • All singers need a location to set handheld mics on BOTH sides of the stage – hanging “pocket style” shoe storage systems work very well.

*NOTE: see page 16 of the rider for details on these stands.

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