Broadway Divas


Is there room on stage for more than one diva? We’ll find out during this concert, as conductor Jack Everly and the Orchestra are joined by four larger-than-life Broadway leading ladies! Get ready for some thrilling, show-stopping performances and maybe just a bit of competition… Selections from Les Miz, Dreamgirls, My Fair Lady, Funny Girl, Hello Dolly!, Cabaret, Annie, Chicago and many more.

Tech Rider

3 Flutes (2/P, 3/P) (2nd Picc. plays in one piece, doubling 1st Picc.--can be opt’l)
3 Oboes (3=EH only)
3 Clarinets (3rd/Bass Clarinet)
2 Bassoons
5 Saxes: AATTB (one piece has SSA)
4 Horns
3 Trumpets + opt’l 4th (only one piece has 4; the rest have asst. parts)
3 Trombones
1 Tuba
4 Percussion (including Drum Set)
1 Keyboard (Piano and Celeste – located just up stage of conductor podium)
Rhythm Bass (Upright amplified + Fender)
Strings (12 – 10 – 8 – 8 - 4 minimum)

Requires 4 rentals. The ISO will provide music (contact ISO Librarian Mike Runyan for details) stand ready and in folders.
LOCAL NEEDS (To be provided by the Local Producing Orchestra)
2 – 30” stools – can be any color as long as they match.

Return shipment (FedEx Ground or UPS Ground) of costumes and prop boxes (a total of 4 boxes). SPC staff will supply packing labels, with values of contents. The cost of the return shipment, and insurance for these packages, is the responsibility of the local orchestra. The least expensive form of shipping is acceptable.

Please see stage layout for orchestra set up details.

One wardrobe dresser is needed for: 5 hours steaming and ironing prep each performance starting 1 hour prior to curtain

Minimum of 10 one liter bottles of water per service


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