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Life. It's better with Music.

Life. It's Better with Music.

From nightlife to business, sports to education, life here in Central Indiana is better with music. And the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra relies upon your support to help make that music a part of your lives.

Your support goes directly toward reaching thousands of Indianapolis youth through our education programs, keeping ticket prices at reasonable levels and making quality concert experiences from our exceptional ISO musicians possible for years to come.



In November, the ISO began an ambitious campaign to remind all of us why life is better with music.
Who better to tell that story than our own beloved ISO musicians?

Amy Kniffen, Viola:

There are so many ways music ties to moments in my life. Walking out of the church after marrying Tony [ISO Principal Tuba pictured with Amy] was DEFINITELY better with the 4th movement of Beethoven 9. My goodnight ritual with the kids is definitely better with a few selections from The Music Man. My grief over losing a baby was infinitely better expressed through music than words. Watching the sunset behind the tent at Symphony on the Prairie is better when Jeffrey Kahane is playing Mozart. Coming to work and getting to play music from the most creative minds with an amazing array of wonderful musicians is worth 11 years in college, 15 auditions, and lots of ramen noodles.

Michelle Kang, Violin:

My life is better with music because I can connect emotionally with people without words. It’s a great source for healing.

Vicki Griswold, Violin:

For me music can be a passport to other cultures, lives, and times. Music takes you on an adventure. An adventure that is diverse and without limits.

Roger Roe, English Horn:

Music gives me a way to express myself that is beyond language. Without music, we wouldn't have campfire songs and lullabies and hymns and Weird Al. Music helps me slow down and listen to the world in a different way. Music connects us across cultural, national, and identity boundaries. I will never forget experiences of singing and playing with friends and strangers around the world. Making music is an endless series of challenges and explorations.

Terry Langdon, Viola:

It is hard for me to say how my life is better with music because my life is music. I do find movies better with music. The music heightens moods and drama. Church services are more beautiful and meaningful with music.

Brian Smith, Bass:

Music matters to me because it is the filter through which I make sense of the world around me.  It succeeds in connecting us all where words fail and actions are not enough, helping me to better understand the joys and challenges of life in ways not possible through intellect alone.  Music is a powerful gift, and I am a better person for it.